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It is a beer out of style, although it is very aromatic and presents flavors and aromas of tropical fruits like those of an IPA is too little bitter for the style. Orange, rather turbid and silky, it looks more like a fruit juice than a beer – a characteristic that is given by the […]


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Intense, strong, alcoholic beer, maltose at the hoppy time, with notes roasted and black and / or dried fruits and a warm finish. Dense and persistent colored foam dark cinnamon Despite the intense flavors, the components melt to create a beer complex and at the same time harmonious.


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Recipe of the Beer Club Can Navarra de Gerona that this time wanted to share with us. Copper colored beer with medium body and aromas and flavors of quince tropical fruits. Harmonious union between fruit and beer, the character of the quince is evident but in balance, providing a harsh, dry and citrus touch.

Micro-Interview: A thousand and one beer 1001 Beers

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